Lockport City School District

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  • Sometimes it's necessary for the District to contact parents, students, or staff with an important message. From weather-related announcements or schedule changes to warnings of extreme emergencies or crisis situations, the Lockport City School District relies on the Blackboard Connect Notification Phone System and our District website's E- Alert (email) System to contact thousands of parents, students, staff and community members securely within minutes.

    The Blackboard Connect telephone notification system is used to send recorded messages when school is closed or after-school and evening activities are cancelled due to severe weather conditions or emergency situations and crises and when information needs to be relayed to parents, guardians, and other caretakers.

    The E-Alert system is used to send email messages to parents, students, staff and the community. Both systems are a powerful, yet economical, approach to strengthening the District’s emergency response plan and improving communications with parents.

    How Does it  all Work?

    Blackboard Connect allows a school administrator to immediately reach all school families with a single phone call. The service is voice-activated, meaning you must say “hello” for the district message to begin playing. There may be a pause before the message plays. The message plays twice, so you can hear it again if needed. It will record to voice mail or an answering machine. In order to provide the best possible communication between our district and parents, students and staff, we request that you update your phone number. 

    Register for E-mail Message Notifications (E-Alerts) from the Lockport City School District website. With this system you can register to receive district broadcast emails of general school notifications, special events, announcements, emergency closings and other timely information. Registered users can choose to receive these notices by e-mail. Emergency notices will be sent to all users. This messaging service is available to staff, parents or any community member with a valid email address. We ask that parents, students and the community register & subscribe to our website for email notifications.

    Once registered, you should subscribe for E-Alerts at sites and sections you find relevant.

    Subscribe to Web Site Content Alerts: When new information is placed on the Web site, you can receive notification that a page has been updated. You have to choose the pages you want to receive updates on. Once you have registered for E-Alerts, you can customize your user profile to subscribe to specific Web Sections and you will be notified by email when information on those pages has been updated. You choose which Web sections are most important to you so you always know the latest news from the school district.