North Park Junior High School

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Counseling Center
(716) 478-4715
Counseling services offered confidentially on an as needed basis. We are available by appointment or walk-in. Our Center practices brief solution oriented counseling. We encourage students who are experiencing conflict to feel comfortable seeking assistance through the Counseling Center.
If your child is transferring to North Park:

The Counseling Center hopes to make your child's transition into North Park a smooth and pleasant experience. Contacting us prior to your move will start the process, to make transition a success. Some parents choose to bring their child for a tour of the building prior to starting. We are happy to arrange individual tours and discuss any concerns you or your child may have. The following items are needed at registration time:
1. Original Birth Certificate
2. Proof of residency (Utility bill, rent receipt, etc.)
3. Photo identification (ie: Current driver license of parent/guardian registering child)
4. Immunization record
5. Last report card from previous school
6. Name, address, phone number of previous school
It would also be helpful if you have the FAX number
7. Legal documents pertaining to your child (ie: Custody, order of protection, etc.)
8. Educational Information:
A. Section 504 Plan
B. Special Education: Individual Education Plan (IEP)
(You will also need to call the BOE office @ 716-478-4821)
Psychological Testing
Declassification Plan
Speech, Language, Vision, Hearing evaluations/reports

Busing Information:
Ridge Road Express
Contact: Jim Caldwell @ 716-433-6777