Work Hard, Play Fair!
Code of Conduct for Parents, Spectators & Fans

I Will Always
Respect The Decisions Of The Officials

I Will Be
Supportive & Keep My Comments Positive

I Will Never
Do Anything To Deter The Players Love Of The Game

I Will Refrain
From Entering The Field Of Play During Or Immediately After The Contest For Safety Reasons

I Will Never
Use Profanity or Physically Attack A Person, Player, Coach Or Official

I Will Do
Everything In My Power To Negate Trash Talking! It's NOT A Healthy Part Of Interscholastic Athletics

I Recognize
The Emotional & Physical Well Being Of The Players Are First, Before My Own Desire To Win

I Will Encourage
A Safe & Healthy Environment For Both Teams

I Will Remind Myself
That The Game Is For The Kids & Not The Adults

We, The Student Athletes Of The Niagara Frontier League,
Sincerely Hope That IF ALL The Parents, Spectators,
& Fans Can Follow & Abide By These Rules,
The GAME Will Be Much More Enjoyable For All!