• The Lockport City School District contracts with STA/Ridge Road Express for student transportation. Students meeting either district or state eligibility guidelines will be transported to and from school. Students who meet the criteria for transportation will receive a postcard before the start of school from the district which confirms their transportation eligibility as well as their bus schedule.

    After-School and Weekend Bus Operations
    For after-school sporting activities, students are transported back to the school of origin at various times in the evening and/or during the day on weekends. If a bus is later than expected, parents should contact the coach of that sporting event directly.

    Transportation for Students with Disabilities
    Students with disabilities may receive transportation services from locations within the district’s transportation limits, if specifically called for in their Individual Education Plan (IEP). These arrangements are made between the District CSE Chairperson and Ridge Road Express.

    Address Changes
    Families with address changes are asked to submit the proper change of address forms and documents to the Board of Education at least one week in advance of an address change.

    Tracking Your Child's Bus
    Stopfinder Mobile App is available for free, allowing parents to monitor the location of their child’s bus. 

    If you have any questions, please contact the following offices: 

    Bus route questions:
    For students attending Lockport High School, Emmet Belknap or students with disabilities who are placed outside of the district: (716) 246-4434 
    For students attending Lockport High School West, Aaron Mossell, Anna Merritt, Roy B Kelley, George Southard, or a non-public or charter school: (716) 608-9617 
    For students attending Charles Upson: (716) 246-4265 

    Driver complaints: (716) 246-4265

    Special Education (IEP): (716) 478-4808

    Student Eligibility: (716) 478-4837

    Discipline concerns: Call your child’s building principal

    STA/Ridge Road Express is open Monday through Friday from 5:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 




    Passing a stopped school bus is against the law. Drivers must STOP when a school bus has its red lights, even if the school bus is: in a parking lot, on school grounds, on a multiple lane roadway, or on the opposite side of a divided highway.



Stopfinder Mobile App

Transportation Forms and Documents

  • Alternate Transportation for Joint Custody
    DEPARTMENT: Transportation
    Daycare/Babysitter Form (Alternate Busing)
    DEPARTMENT: Transportation
    Daycare/Babysitter Form (Alternate Busing) Spanish
    DEPARTMENT: Transportation
    Non-Public Transportation Service Request
    DEPARTMENT: Transportation
    School Boundaries
    DEPARTMENT: Transportation
    Special Transportation Form
    DEPARTMENT: Transportation
    Transportation Concern Form
    DEPARTMENT: Transportation