Teaching and Learning

  • It is our goal at Lockport High School to offer programs that will allow teaching and learning to move forward so that ALL students can meet and/or exceed the standards as set forth by New York State Education Department.

    Hybrid Program (A blended model of instruction): Students will be assigned to two cohorts or groups;  BLUE (A-K) or GOLD (L-Z).  Groups are determined by their household last name, ie. a student named Johnny Bills lives under a household name of Winters.  Johnny will attend school based on the last name of Winters (GOLD day).

    Instructional descriptions for Hybrid Program:
    In-Person Instruction

    • Students will be in the classroom with a teacher.
    • They will be completing assignments and participating in activities while remaining physically distant.
    • Students are expected to bring their own device or their district-issued device each day they are in-person.

    At-Home Instruction

    • Students may be expected to join their teacher/class via google meet during their scheduled at home period or for a portion of the period.
    • Students could also be expected to complete an assignment posted in google classroom.
    • Teachers will communicate the plan with students.

Example of Cohort Schedule

  • Full Remote Student (Students choosing to learn at home everyday): Students will be expected to join their classes via google meet and complete assignments as prescribed by their teachers.  Teachers will share daily expectations for all students each Monday. 

    Attendance WILL be taken daily for ALL students via in-person, Google Meet or Google Classroom assignment completion.  Individual teachers will communicate their plan for daily attendance in their weekly chart explaining expectations and assignments..   

    • Identified students may have individual plans to attend daily

    Fully Remote Program (In the event that ALL students are learning from home): The expectation is that class periods will be 30 minutes in length during a full remote program running from 9am to 2pm.   It is the expectation that instruction will move forward and students will be expected to join their classes everyday to be marked present.