Management of Small Grant Awards and Monetary/Non-Monetary Donations

Handle with care
  • The GDCP Department, in coordination with the Business Office, follows the following steps to assist school and district staff manage mini-grants and small monetary and non-monatery donations for specific purposes or specific groups, activities, and programs.

    • GDCP must receive a formal letter explaining the donor/funder's intended use of the funds or non-monetary items. The checks to deposit or a description of the non-monetary items to be donated must be included with this letter. Checks should be made out to Lockport City School District with the name of the group being supported on the check subject line.
    • GDCP will complete a mini-grant/small donation form and send this form, along with the checks/description of the items, to the Business Office.
    • If the donation is non-monetary and there is a concern about whether or not the items should be accepted by the District this will be investigated by GDCP/Business Office staff. If it is determined that the items are acceptable/allowable we will proceed to the next step. If, for any reason, the items cannot be used by the District, a letter graciously thanking the donor for their offer will be generated by GDCP along with an explanation of why we cannot accept their generosity at this time.
    • The Business Office will place the information regarding the donation on the Board of Education agenda for official acceptance.
    • Once the donation/grant has been accepted by the Board of Education an account will be set up by the Business Office, a purchase order will be created by GDCP, and the individual responsible for expending the funds will be notified that they may begin using the funds/using or distributing the items. The appropriate clerical person(s) will also be notified and provided with the purchase order/fund number to assist the expending individual with completing their purchases.
    • A thank you letter to the donor/funder to acknowledge acceptance of their donation and express appreciation for their generosity will be sent. This can be created by GDCP but is often more meaningful if sent by the individual or group receiving the donation. 
    • If there is any follow-up requested by the donor, photos etc., this must also be adhered to in a timely manner.

    Please contact GDCP if you have any questions or need assistance with a mini-grant or small donation.  Thank you!