Media Club

  • Advisor: M. Lieber

    The Media Club is a cooperative effort between LCSD and LCTV.  This club meets 2x a week every week, but if students can't make that schedule they can attend when possible.  Mr. Lieber is the advisor for this club and stays active in the meeting until 3:00.  Mrs. Naylor and other LCTV Staff take over the meeting from 3 -4.  If you are interested in the world of media production with a chance for future employment and want to have fun with fun people, come check us out.

    The purpose of this club is a working space for students to create and experience “Real World Skills” and use cutting edge video capture, editing and production equipment and have fun doing it.  Students will work on multiple projects writing, acting, video capture and editing.  These projects are used partially for Morning Announcements and Channel 1302 LCTV Streaming Service. Of course students can make projects for themselves, classes or others as well.   The projects range from professional interviews of people doing great things in our community, to cooking shows, sports coverage, comedy/humor skits, holiday and cultural events. Filming can take place on site or on location.

    Studio 81 - the professional studio and control room used for Morning Announcements will be used during club meetings in addition to : Final Cut and The Adobe tools - Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects. Students interested in being part of Morning Announcements (Studio 81) need to attend Media Club meetings at least monthly to try out and practice skills for live broadcast.  Stop by, and bring a friend!