• School Policies

    School Day / Schedule

    Bell Schedule
    Students are to enter the school no sooner than 7:57 a.m. In bad weather students will be permitted to enter the building at 7:45 a.m.

    When entering the building at 7:57, the students should proceed to their lockers and then to homeroom, unless they have business with the guidance office or the main office.

    8:03 - 8:09 Announcements and Attendance

    8:09 - 8:10 Proceed to 1st Period

    8:10 - 8:50 Period 1

    8:54 - 9:34 Period 2

    9:38 - 10:18 Period 3

    10:22 - 11:02 Period 4

    11:06 - 11:46 Period 5

    11:50 - 12:30 Period 6

    12:34 - 1:14 Period 7

    1:18 - 1:58 Period 8

    2:02 - 2:40 Period 9

    2:40 Dismissal
    (all students must leave the building unless participating in after-school activities)  
    School Day / Schedule

    If a bus student misses the 2:40 dismissal bus, the student must report to the main office immediately.

    2:45 - 3:45 Clubs, intramurals, extra
      help, detention, etc.

    3:50 Late bus leaves school.

    A/B Day Classes
    Some classes such as Physical Education, Study Hall and 6th Grade Connections Course meet every other day. The first day of school begins as A day. The second day is B day. This cycle system repeats itself throughout the school year. The morning announcements will indicate what cycle day it is.

    School attendance is required by New York State Law. An absence is legally excused for four reasons:

    1. Illness of the student or a medical appointment.
    2. Sickness or death in family
    3. Appearance in court
    4. Religious observation (as defined by school board policy).

    All other absences are unexcused.

    NOTE: Parents are encouraged to call the office at 478-4552 to report absences or tardiness.
    When students return to school after an absence they must bring a written excuse, signed by their parent or guardian.

    The excuse should include:
    1) Date(s) of absence
    2) Reason for absence
    3) Parent/guardian signature

    If after three (3) days an excuse has not be provided, the student will be sent to see the Assistant Principal for disciplinary action.

    A student who develops a medical condition that will result in missing at least three (3) school days must notify the school nurse (478-4565). Missed class assignments can be obtained by contacting the Guidance Office and requesting their assignments. A student who is absent for a shorter period of time may obtain their assignments from a classmate. Assignments not made up will be reflected in the student's grade.

    Lateness / Tardiness
    A student who is late (tardy) to school must bring a note from a parent/guardian explaining the reason for the lateness. Students who are frequently late will be assigned either after school detention or Saturday morning detention.

    Early Dismissal
    During the school day students are not allowed to leave the building except with a pass received from the Main Office. Students not following this rule will be considered truant and are subject to disciplinary action.

    If a parent has made arrangements for a dismissal during school hours (doctor appointment, dentist appointment, etc.), the student is to follow this procedure:

    1. Report to the nurse's office during homeroom.
    2. Present the request signed by the parent/guardian.
    3. Receive an early dismissal pass.
    4. Present the pass to the teacher of the class the student will be
    dismissed from .
    5. Return the pass to the Main Office at dismissal time.
    6. If returning to school, report to the Main Office to check in and receive
    a pass to class.

    Late buses will be provided periodically for middle school bus students involved in an after school activity on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The buses will leave school at 3:50 p.m. and will drop students off at selected areas.

    Students may ride the late bus if they are at school for extra help, supervised after school activity, or detention. Students may stay after school only when they are under supervision by a teacher. Students cannot return to ride the late bus once they have left school.

    Students who normally walk to/from school are not allowed to ride the late buses.


    Course Offerings
    All Middle School students are scheduled for the following:

    English/Language Arts Math
    Social Studies  Science
    Reading (Gr 6)
    Problem Solving (Gr 7) Health (Gr 7)
    Foreign Language (Gr 8)
    Technology  Art  
    Home & Careers  Music
    Physical Education
    Connections (Grade 6)

    Additional courses for selected students include:

        Math Course A (Gr 8)
        Earth Science (Gr 8)
        Concert Band
        Symphonic Band
        Select Chorus

    Report Cards and Grades
    The school year is divided into four marking periods of approximately 45 days each. The marking periods end (grades close) on the following dates:

    1st semester    Nov 9, 2007        
    2nd semester  January 3, 2008   
    3rd semester   Apr 11, 2008       
    4th semester    June 18, 2008

    *Report Cards will be mailed home approximately 10 days after the end of the marking period.

    Grades of 65% and above are passing, while anything below 65% is failing. All courses have numerical grades except Physical Education. "INC" means that a student has not completed required work. If a student does not complete the missed work within a reasonable time, the incomplete (INC) becomes a failing grade.

    The High Honor or Honor Rolls will be determined by averaging all courses that give a numerical grade. To qualify for the High Honor Roll, a student must have an average of 90-100%. The Honor Roll requires an average of 85-90%.

    Progress Reports
    Student Progress Reports are distributed to all students five weeks before marks close. The purpose is to communicate with parents on how the student is doing in school. Parents should refer all questions to the Guidance Department.

    Anticipated Progress Report Dates:

    1st Qtr: October 10, 2007      2nd Qtr: Dec 12, 2007
    3rd Qtr: March 5, 2008          4th Qtr: May 19, 2007 

    Parent Conferences
    Parents are reminded that they may contact the school at any time during the school day to arrange a convenient time for a conference to discuss matters relevant to the student's progress. Conferences may be arranged with an individual teacher or with the core subject team of teachers.
    Parent requests for conferences should be arranged through the student's guidance counselor (478-4553).

    Promotion Requirements
    Generally, in order for students to be promoted to the next grade level they must successfully achieve a final passing average (65% or higher) in their core academic subjects (Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies, Reading, Health, Problem Solving or Foreign Language). A final exam will be given in each of the core area subjects, and will count 1/5 toward the final average. Student performance in the special area subjects may also be taken into consideration for promotion in special cases.

    New York State Assessments
    In May and June, all 8th grade students will take an assessment test in English/Language Arts Math, Science, Social Studies, and Technology. Refer to Student Agenda.

    District Assessments
    To help students prepare for the New York State Grade 8 Assessments, the district will give similar assessments in Math and English/Language Arts to all 6th and 7th grade students in Spring.

    The NYS and local district assessments are used to determine student eligibility for Academic Intervention Services (AIS).

    Library and Media Center
    The Emmet Belknap Library contains 10,000 books, subscribes to 20 periodicals and houses 52 computers for student and teacher use. The computer lab is a branch of the Library Media Center. The library is open when school is in session. Students may come to the library by asking a subject teacher for a pass or by asking the librarian before school in the morning.

    Books circulate for a 3 week-period. There are no fines for overdue books, but lost or damaged materials must be paid for before other materials are loaned.

    Our school belongs to the Orleans-Niagara Library System which provides access to thousands of books and magazines belonging to the member libraries.

    Students may volunteer to be library aides during their study halls. All students are encouraged to use the library.

    Study Halls
    7th and 8th grade students are assigned an A or B Day study hall (opposite Physical Education class). In addition, 9th period is a study period for any 6th, 7th or 8th grade student not involved in special activities/clubs (band, chorus, etc.) during that period.
    Students are expected to take advantage of study hall time to complete assignments and to seek help from staff as needed. Students are expected to bring appropriate books and materials, and to respect the need for a quiet work environment.

    Homework is a necessary component and expectation for students academic success. While students usually have time to complete some assignments during study halls, parents should assume and set an expectation that homework is a daily student responsibility.

    Parents can support this student responsibility by:
    -checking the handbook for assignments
    -setting a regular daily time for study
    -providing a quiet, well-lit place for study
    -keeping a supply of pens, paper, etc.

    In addition to daily assignments, the following activities should be performed during homework time:
    - Studying for tests.
    - Review/re-read chapters and notes.
    - Research and enrichment activities.
    - Upkeep and organization of notebooks
    - Independent reading of student-selected literature, magazines, etc.
    -Organizing for the next day (collecting materials needed for lessons, etc.)

    It should be stressed that homework is not optional. It has a direct affect on student success and counts toward the student's final grades.

    Academic Intervention Services (AIS)
    Students who are identified as "at risk" of not meeting the standards for academic success and grade level promotion will be recommended for Academic Intervention Services, which may include:
        -Study Hall assistance
        -Reading Lab
        -Math Lab
        -After-School Program
        -Saturday Academic Support
        -Summer School

    Parents will be informed if/when their child is identified and recommended for AIS.


    1. The topic/task/question is clearly addressed.
    2. All information and vocabulary are appropriate, complete, factual and accurate.
    3. The topic is thoroughly supported with details, examples and data.
    4. The conclusion/solution is clearly stated.

    1. Introduction, body and closings are developed in paragraphs to show logical sequential ideas.
    2. Each paragraph shares the same ideas and thoughts.
    3. Each paragraph has a topic sentence that introduces an idea or thought.

    1. Proper sentence structure and grammar are evident throughout with no run-ons or fragments.
    2. There are no errors in indentation, spelling capitalization, and punctuation.
    3. The paper appears neat and the handwriting is legible to everyone.

    Extra-Curricular Activities and Clubs

    Any student who has been suspended or who may present a safety concern may be denied the privilege of participating in field trips or extra-curricular activities.

    National Honor Society
    The Lockport Middle School National Honor Society will hold its induction ceremony of 8th grade students in the fall of their 8th grade year. The Honor Society represents the student leaders of the school. They will function as peer tutors, escorts at various functions and coordinate various school activities.

    The qualifications for induction into the Honor Society are:

    1. The student must have a 90% or better average in both 6th & 7th grades.
    2. Students must exhibit the qualities of good citizenship, leadership and character.
    3. Students must be recommended by their teachers for induction.
    4. To maintain membership, a student's cumulative quarterly average must not fall below 90%. If a student's average falls below 90%, they will receive a written notice. If their average remains below 90% in the next quarter, they will be denied Honor Society privileges.

    Requirements for Select Chorus
    1. Acceptance is by audition only.
    2. Rehearsals are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays during 9th period and attendance is mandatory.
    3. Any make-up work/quizzes/tests may not be done during chorus rehearsal periods.
    4. There are 3-4 concerts per year. Attendance at concerts is mandatory. A written parent excuse is required for any missed concert.
    5. Being in chorus enables students to audition for participation in All-County Festivals.

    Student Council
    Emmet Belknap Middle School students are represented by a Student Council made up of a representative and alternate elected by each homeroom. Student Council officers are elected in the fall and they represent the student point of view in school affairs. It is most important that students take an active role in supporting government.

    Student  Aide
    Participation as a student aide is open to all students who wish to perform some type of volunteer service that will benefit the school.

    Student aides will engage in a variety of activities such as welcoming new students, conducting tours of the school, planning bulletin boards, and distributing information throughout the building.

    Student aides are also assigned to work all year or part of the year in one of the offices (health, main, guidance). There are also students who work as aides in the library and the audiovisual. Students interested in becoming student aides should contact either the main office or the guidance office.

    Other Clubs / Activities
    The following clubs/activities are available to students. Students should pay attention to announcements/posters for sign-up information.

    Modified Interscholastic Sports (Grades 7-8)
    Intramural Sports (Fall, Winter, Spring sessions)    
    Drama Club
    Foreign Language Club
    School Newspaper
    Yearbook Club

    Student Behavior / Discipline

    Code of Conduct
    The Lockport City School District has adopted a state-approved Code of Conduct that applies to all Lockport public schools. It details rules and expectations for student behavior, and disciplinary procedures in the event of violations. All school rules are designed to ensure the safety of students and staff, and to maintain a learning environment free of disruptive behavior. Consequences for unsafe and/or disruptive behavior are dependent on the seriousness and/or frequency of the violation, and may include:
        -Parent contacts / conferences    
    -Detention (after school or Saturday AM)
        -Suspension (in-school or out-of-school)
        -Superintendent's Hearing
        -Law Enforcement and/or Family Court referral

    All rules and consequences detailed in the LCSD Code of Conduct are reviewed with students during opening assemblies, and reviewed throughout the year.

    Student Discipline
    Listed below are the offenses that may result in either student detention or suspension.

    School Detention
    1. Lateness / tardiness to school
    2. Truancy from class.
    3. Truancy to teacher detention.
    4. Disrespect to any school employee.
    5. Continued tardiness to class.
    6. Disruption in the classroom.
    7. Possession of cigarettes, lighter, matches.

    School Suspension
    1. Smoking in school or on school property.
    2. Use, sale or possession of an illegal substance: marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, etc. (will result in a Superintendent's Hearing)
    3. Being under the influence of an illegal substance, including alcohol.
    4. Truancy from all or part of the school day.
    5. Chronic lateness to school.
    6. Fighting.
    7. Assaulting a teacher (will result in a Superintendent's Hearing).
    8. Throwing of objects or articles.
    9. Use of obscene or abusive language.
    10. Threat of bodily injury or property damage.
    11. Repeated truancy from school detention.
    12. Insubordination (refusal to follow a reasonable request).
    13. Theft.
    14. The possession of a dangerous weapon or the use of any object to inflict bodily injury to another person.

    Referral to a Superintendent's Hearing may result as warranted by continuous infractions and/or gross violations.

    All other student infractions not listed above will be dealt with at the discretion of the school administration. The above offenses are enforced during all bus transportation to and from school.

    Students are responsible for correct behavior to help make the school a good place to learn. If a student fails in this responsibility, teachers may assign a teacher-detention (student reports to teacher after school) or principals may assign a school detention. Detention will be assigned
    on the day after the offense occurred. It is the student's responsibility to notify parents that they have detention and will arrive home later than usual.

    Students are to report to teacher detention no later than 2:45 p.m. If students cannot find the teacher who assigned detention, they must report to the Main Office. Students must bring work to teacher detention unless a teacher indicates differently.

    Students are released from teacher detention at 3:45 p.m. (earlier if teacher desires). Student attitude, behavior, and effort may be used in determining the time of release. Teacher detention for bus students will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Bus students released prior to 3:45 p.m. must be sent to the Main Office to wait for the late bus.

    The principal will assign school detention. This begins at 2:45 and lasts until 3:15 for 1/2 hour detention or 3:45 for one (1) hour detention. School detention will be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

    If students feel they do not deserve detention or they have a legitimate reason why they cannot attend on the assigned day, the student must make arrangements with the teacher or principal to be excused or to stay another day. A student who fails to stay for detention, even with a good reason, without having made appropriate arrangements, complicates the problem. No student may skip detention to participate in an intramural or club activity.

    A student who fails to report to detention will be assigned an additional night of detention.
    Repeated failure to report may result in Saturday morning detention or suspension.

    A student absent from school or class without permission is considered truant. A student who is truant from class or school will be assigned detention to make up the time missed. A student who is truant repeatedly is subject to legal action in family court.

    Bus Conduct
    Students who ride school buses are under the jurisdiction of the school from the time they get on the bus in the morning until the time they get off the bus at the end of the school day.

    While on the bus, students are directly responsible to the bus driver. In order to make the trip timely and safe, students are expected to:

    1. Be at the bus stop on time.
    2. Take their seats immediately upon entering the bus and behave in the proper manner.
    3. Sit where the driver indicates.
    4. Keep noise level as desired by the bus driver.
    5. Board and leave the bus at the designated stop. The bus driver cannot give students permission to be dropped off at other points.

    A student who violates the bus rules or displays unsafe or discourteous conduct may:

    1. Receive a written Bus Conduct Report which is sent to the Assistant Principal and the student's parents.
    2. Be assigned to a seat by the driver or the Assistant Principal.
    3. Be required to pay for damaging the bus.
    4. Be suspended from the bus for a period not to exceed 5 days.
    5. Be suspended from school for a period not to exceed 5 days.

    Students who do not normally ride the bus will not be permitted to ride the bus for any purpose.

    Clothing and Personal
    It is our responsibility to maintain a safe school environment that is free from unnecessary distractions and disruptions. To that end, we require students to dress as if they were in a work place, since in a very real way, school is their workplace.

    Within the broad guidelines below, students are free to select the clothing and personal grooming of their choice.

    The following clothing is considered inappropriate due to its disruptive/distracting nature:
    1. Muscle shirts, sagging pants, see-through apparel, bare midriffs, skin-tight shorts.
    2. Clothing with messages promoting drugs or alcohol, or with vulgar/obscene expressions.
    3. Headgear such as hats, visors, bandanas.

    The following clothing is considered inappropriate due to its unsafe nature:
    1. Platform shoes, spiked heels, high heels
    2. Any footwear lacking a back heel strap to secure the shoe to the foot
    3. Chains or key chains loosely hanging
    4. Clothing wrapped/tied around the neck or waist
    Forbidden Items
    School is a place for learning. Any item which is illegal or interferes with education and safety is not allowed. Such items will be confiscated and students involved will be subject to appropriate discipline (see District Code of Conduct ).

    Cell phones, ipods, radios, tape recorders, head sets, and cameras or other computer type devices are not to be brought to school without permission from a teacher or principal. If no permission has been granted, they will be confiscated.

    Students are not permitted to carry bookbags to class during the day. All bookbags must remain in the student's locker. Gum chewing is not allowed during the school day. Glass containers must not be brought to school.

    Neither individual students nor outside groups are allowed to sell candy or other goods in school. Such items will be confiscated and returned to the parent/guardian.

    Students riding to school on bicycles must follow the traffic rules on the road. They should not ride bicycles in bad weather. When bicycles are at school, they must be locked in the bike rack in front of the school. At dismissal bikers should walk their bikes to the road so they do not interfere with buses, cars, or students.

    Students under the age of 14 must wear helmets. If a student rides a bike to school without a helmet, the school principals will not release the bike until the student has a helmet or a parent comes for the bike.

    The school cannot be responsible for lost or damaged bicycles.

    Skateboards and rollerblades are not permitted due to safety concerns.

    The cafeteria should be a place where students can relax, enjoy lunch, and talk quietly to other students. In order to keep the cafeteria safe and enjoyable, students are expected to cooperate in the following manner:

    1. Follow directions/requests given by the teacher, supervisor, monitors, custodians, secretaries, and cafeteria staff.
    2. Keep their area clean. Supervisors will have students clean tables and the floor where necessary.
    3. Sit at tables where there are no more than 6 students.
    4. Return trays and trash to appropriate areas.
    5. Wait their turn in lunch/snack lines.
    6. Wait for supervisors to dismiss them.
    7. No food may be taken out of cafeteria.
    8. To leave the cafeteria a student must have a pass.  
    9. No running, shouting,throwing food, or causing disturbance.

    Hall/Stairway Behavior
    In order to avoid accidents and injuries, students must follow obvious safety precautions such as:

    - Walking and not running.
    - Keeping to the right when you walk in the hall and on the stairs.
    - Watching where you are going.
    - Not sliding down railings.
    - Avoid forming groups that block halls/stairs.
    -Keeping hands/feet to yourself.
    -No shouting in the halls.

    Each teacher maintains a record of the number and condition of the textbooks assigned to students at the beginning of the school year or course. Each student must return the same book to the teacher at the end of the course and in appropriate condition. A student will be held responsible for payment charges for damage or loss of the textbook.

    Each student is issued a school master combination lock.

    Any student missing a lock must report the loss to the Main Office. A new school lock will be issued to the student at a cost of $3.00. Students may only use locks assigned by the school. Locks that are not school-issued may be removed by the school, because of the need to be able to open lockers at anytime to protect the property and safety of students. If a student needs a key lock, special permission must be granted by one of the principals.

    Each student is assigned a locker for the storage of books, coats, and equipment. The school is not responsible for loss or theft of items. Students should take the following measures to protect their belongings:

    1. Never tell anyone your lock combination.
    2. Never leave your locker unlocked.
    3. Never leave money or valuables such as watches or purses in lockers
    4. Never change lockers without permission from the homeroom teacher and Main Office.
    5. Never share a locker with anyone.
    6. All thefts should be reported to the Office immediately.

    The office telephone is a business phone and can be used by pupils only in case of an emergency. A student must have a pass from a teacher in order to use the phone. Telephone messages from parents to pupils should be of an emergency nature. Pay telephones are available in the main foyer for student use after school.

    Health and Safety

    Health Office/Nurse
    The health office is located in the main hall. It has two main functions:

    1. To take care of student's medical needs.
    2. To maintain accurate student health records.

    If students become ill or injured while at school, they are to get a pass from the teacher where the difficulty occurred. Students who are injured or become suddenly ill during the passing of classes may go directly to the health office. No student will be admitted to the health office without a pass except in an emergency.

    Students who must take prescription or non-prescription medication during school hours must observe the following rules:

    1. Parents must bring the medication in the prescription bottle to the health office. Do not send medication of any kind to school with your child. No medication is allowed in student's personal possession.
    2. No medications (including aspirin) may be given during school hours unless the parent submits a written request from the physician indicating the frequency and dosage of the prescribed medication.
    3. All medication (including aspirin) must be stored and taken under supervision in the health office.
    4. Internal medication will only be dispensed under the conditions described above.
    5. Students are responsible for coming to the health office at the proper time to take their medication.
    6. The nurse may not prescribe any medication for students.

    If a student becomes injured, it must be reported to a teacher immediately. The teacher must give a pass to the injured student to see the nurse.
    If a student sees another student injured, it is to be reported to a teacher who will send for the nurse, or will give the injured student a pass to see the nurse.

    Emergency and Fire Procedures
    During emergency and fire drills, students are to remain silent and follow the instructions which are posted in the room or listen to instructions of the teacher. In fire drills, students are to proceed quickly and quietly to the proper exit. Students may take nothing with them as they leave the building nor may they stop for a drink or wait for friends. Students may not re-enter the building until a teacher directs them to return.

    Emergency School Closing/Opening Delays
    For information on school closing or opening delays the following radio stations will have been notified: WLVL, WBEN, WEBR, WGR, AND WWKB.

    Student Physicals
    New York State Education Law requires that all students in 7th grade, special education classes and all students new to the school district receive a physical examination. A physical will be given to these students during the course of the school year.

    If you prefer this physical to be completed by his/her family physician, a written statement signed by the family physician and the date of examination must be presented to the school nurse prior to the school physical.

    Physical Education
    Physical Education classes are scheduled for every other day for the entire school year. Students must have shirt, shorts, sneakers, and socks for gym class. Students who are unprepared for class (lacking proper gym clothes) will be assigned a makeup class. Students must give any valuables to the gym teacher to keep during class or lock them up in their own gym locker. The school is not responsible for lost items.

    The school nurse is authorized to excuse a student from physical education for a time not to exceed two class periods based on a written excuse from a parent or guardian. However, if a student cannot participate for more than two class periods, a written medical excuse signed by the doctor is required.

    Elevator Policy

    The use of the school elevator is restricted to those individuals who for some medical reason necessitate the use of the elevator. Listed below are the procedures and rules to be followed:

    1. A Physician's excuse must be brought to the Health Office stating the medical reason and the approximate length of time the elevator will be needed.
    2. The nurse will give the student a pass to get out of class early.
    3. The student will then report to the Nurse's Office to be assigned a key, and if necessary, a student to carry their books. Keys are to be returned at the end of school on Friday unless special arrangements are made. Students are responsible for lost keys and there is a $3.00 fee for lost keys.

    A student who wishes to bring a student visitor to school must receive approval of one of the principals at least 2 days in advance of the visit. The visitor must be in grades 6, 7, or 8 and must have a legal reason for not attending his own school.

    Middle School students should obtain a Visitor Permission slip from the Main Office. The student's teachers must sign the visitor permission slip on the day before the visitor comes to school. This slip must be returned to the Main Office after school. The student and visitor must report to the Main Office before homeroom to receive a visitor pass.

    No visitors are allowed in school without a visitor pass. Visits are for one day only.