Curriculum Guide

  • English Language Arts includes:
    •reading, writing, listening and speaking for information and understanding: for literacy response and expression: for critical analysis and evaluation; for social interaction
    •reading a variety of stories and studying structural elements (plot, characters, setting etc)
    •writing stories using descriptive words and comparisons related to a specific topic using the writing process
    •studying grammar and sentence structure

    Mathematics includes:
    •solving word problems using critical thinking skills
    •studying place value
    •computing using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
    •decimal computation
    •graphing and collecting data
    •comparing and computing fractions
    •number patternes
    •geometric concepts
    •metric and standard measurement

    Social Studies includes:
    •a geographic, historic, economic, social and civic overview of the United States, Canada and Latin America
    •a study of map and globe skills, early explorers, Middle American Natives, government, and colonization of the United States, Canada and Latin America
    •document based questioning and essay composition

    Science includes:
    •Life Science (the study of plants, animals and ecology)
    •Physical Science (the study of matter and energy)
    •Earth Science (the study of earth, space and weather)
    •Human Body (the study of the skeletal, muscular, and transport systems of the body)
    •Inquiry Method (asking questions, seeking answers, and eveloping solutions to problems)