When An Emergency Occurs

    • Tune in to the radio or television stations. Parents will be kept informed through the radio and television stations.
    • Be accessible by remaining at the emergency phone numbers you provided to the school.
    • Don't call the school in emergency situations so that the phone lines can remain open for emergency communication.
    • Understand that if an emergency is declared, access to the school campus may be restricted. Do not remove your child from a school campus without signing him/her out.
    • Neighbors or others who are not on the emergency card should not pick up your children.

    Release of Students to Parent / Legal Guardian AFTER an Emergency

    • Parents are allowed to pick up their children unless public safety officials restrict facility access. During any emergency, school personnel will maintain a safe and normal environment for children. School is not automatically canceled in emergency situations. Remember, school may be the safest place for children to be.
    • If you are told to pick up your child, report to the student release station.

    When you arrive at the Student Release Station, you or your designated trusted adult will be asked to complete a Student Release form with the following information:

    • Name of child or children being picked up
    • Your name
    • Relationship to the child
    • Your destination
    • Current valid identification with a photograph is needed when a parent or trusted adult signs for your child.