Superintendent's Message

  • Superintendent Bradley I consider it an honor to serve as the superintendent of schools for the Lockport City School District. When I enter Charlotte Cross School on West Avenue, I instantly flashback to the days as a primary level student there, followed by (much later in life) serving as an elementary teacher at Charlotte Cross Elementary School for five memorable years. In addition to my classroom teaching experience at Cross, I have had the great fortune of serving in several other positions throughout my career in the Lockport City School District. These include director of staff development, principal of Charles Upson Elementary School, and assistant superintendent for learning and assessment. I am very proud to say that my entire professional career as an educator has been in the Lockport City School District.

    The Lockport City School District is a prekindergarten through twelfth grade district. The organization of the Lockport City School District consists of the following:

    John E. Pound Early Childhood Center (prekindergarten)
    Anna Merritt Elementary School (kindergarten through fourth grade)
    Charles Upson Elementary School (kindergarten through fourth grade)
    George Southard Elementary School (kindergarten through fourth grade)
    Roy B. Kelley Elementary School (kindergarten through fourth grade)
    Emmet Belknap Intermediate School (fifth and sixth grade)
    North Park Junior High School (seventh and eighth grade)
    Lockport High School (ninth through twelfth grade)
    Lockport High School West at Charlotte Cross (9-12 Alternative Education)

  • Academically, our graduation rate has risen  from 73% to 90% since 2006. We continue to review and update our multi-year Strategic Plan for Continuous Academic Improvement to ensure success for all students. Our efforts to align with the expectations of the New York State Regents Reform Agenda are rigorous, and include the development of aligned curriculum and instructional plans to the Next Generation Learning Standards, coupled with intense professional development for teachers and administrators.  The extracurricular activities that we offer are numerous and appealing to a wide variety of students, and their performance in these areas is outstanding!

    Continued capital project work demonstrates the Board of Education’s commitment to keep our school buildings safe and in good shape. During the Summer of 2014, roof work was completed at Charles Upson Elementary School, Anna Merritt Elementary School, and Emmet Belknap Intermediate School.  An updated concession stand and Emmet Belknap track and tennis court repair work was completed. North Park Junior High School has improvements to its outdoor athletic areas.  The Lockport High School gymnasium now has improved lighting and sound systems installed, along with the replacement of bleachers. Site work at Roy B. Kelley Elementary School, Anna Merritt Elementary School, and North Park Junior High School was completed, including expanded parking areas. And, significant improvements for technology have taken place throughout the District. Renovations included in the 2016 Capital Improvement Project will begin Spring 2018 and include improvements to several athletic fields and site work at various buildings.

    The community of Lockport is one with a rich history and many opportunities to be an active member.  I have personally served on a variety of boards of directors including Niagara Hospice, Literacy Volunteers of America, and the United Way of Greater Niagara.  Through these experiences, I have met many dedicated individuals who are passionate about making our community a better place to live.

    I encourage you to visit our website frequently. It will serve as a communication tool and provide you with up-to-date information about our school district.

    As a historic community, we have great “Pride in Our Past”, and as a school district preparing students for the 21st century, we have “Faith in Our Future”.  Thank you for your continued support of our efforts to strengthen our quality comprehensive program for all students.
    Michelle T. Bradley
    Superintendent of Schools
    Lockport City School District