Team Policy

  • Message to Players

    The coaching staff is dedicated toward helping build and improve each athletes physical and mental abilities over this volleyball season. Through honesty, loyalty, unselfishness,work ethic, discipline, teamwork, mental toughness and perseverance we will make this season a success. These attributes will also carry over far outside the court. The ability to push yourself through challenges will help you battle on and off the court throughout your life. The season begins today! Everyone starts at zero with no kills, blocks, aces, digs, or errors. There are no favorites. It is your responsibility to earn a position on the court in practice. Let us go ABOVE and BEYOND to GET THE JOB DONE AND MAKE THIS SEASON A SUCCESS!


    1. All team practices require MANDATORY attendance. Players are expected to be at practice on time and prepared to play. If a player misses a practice prior to a game, that player will not be allowed to participate in the game unless prior conversation with a coach has been made.
    2. Every practice session will have conditioning, individual skill development and team based drills.
    3. Consistent participation by all team players is required for players and the team to progress as hoped over the season.
    4. Practice sessions are for players and coaches, only.


    1. School policy applies on attending class on game days. Players must attend school by the end of 4th period (10:30am) in order to be eligible to participate in a match in the evening.
    2. A player cannot leave school sick per the Health Office and participate in practice or a game.  
    3. Players must attend school on Friday to participate in an event on Saturday.

    Home Games

    1. All Varsity players are expected to report to the gym to set up the net and concessions for the Junior Varsity game.
    2. All Junior Varsity players are expected to stay and watch the entire Varsity match and take down the net when play is over.
    3. Varsity players will work JV matches and JV players will work Varsity matches. 

    Away Games

    1. Players are to report to the bus at their designated time.
    2. Players MUST take the bus to all away matches, no exceptions.
    3. Buses will only wait a maximum of ten minutes past designated departure times. 
    4. At match conclusion, the Junior Varsity team is expected to stay and watch the entire Varsity match.
    5. Players MUST take the bus back after the match is over unless parent is present and signs form.

    Absence and Tardiness

    1. All players are expected to be at all practices and matches on time. If you need to be late or are expected to be absent, players must provide advance notice to the coach. You must provide as much advance notice as possible.
    2. Abundances of absences and tardiness at school will also have an impact on playing time.  School is the number one priority.


    1. School and Niagara Frontier League policies apply for sportsmanship.


    1. Team jerseys will be provided by the school for use during the season.
    2. Players must provide the following equipment to participate: Spandex shorts, Knee pads
    3. The following equipment are optional but highly recommended: Volleyball shoes, Warm-ups

    Coaches will give their best efforts to buy the above items as a team so that volume pricing may be available to the players.


    1. Any player that gets an injury that requires medical attention by a doctor must present a note from the doctor that clears the player to resume participation. The school’s athletic trainer must clear any player who receives an injury that does not require medical attention by a doctor.
    2. Any rehabilitation or doctor’s appointments must be made around practice and game times.
    3. The coaching staff reserves the right to enforce any additional punishments that may be handed out by the school that are related to the school’s Code of Conduct Policy.
    4. Players must be passing PE and 2 core courses in order to be eligible to participate in games and practices.