College Application Process

  • In today’s day and age, nearly 100% of college applications are completed online. The advantages include: speed/turnaround time, money savings, efficiency, accuracy and tracking. When students complete college applications, they should submit a Transcript Request Form. This form is required to prompt counselors to begin the required portion of the application. At this time, should the applicant require additional materials be sent to the college, they can indicate so (application essay, resume, letters of recommendation, etc.). Students may obtain applications by making requests directly to the colleges in writing, by telephone, or via the Internet. Please try to secure these applications by October 1 if you plan on applying by mail.

    Once the necessary materials are obtained, the student should carefully complete each application. It is important to pay particular attention to all deadlines, required enclosures, and fees. Once the application is complete, the student should keep a copy, submitting the original (unless submitted online) to the counselor for review. All applications must be submitted to the Counseling Center by December 1.

    Important application procedures from the Counseling Center:

    • Students are encouraged to file their applications with the assistance of their school counselor.
    • Please allow 10 school days turnaround time in the Counseling Department before the mailing date.

    The Common Application allows you to use the same application to apply to over 475 colleges/universities. Please be aware that this application is very detailed so please set aside ample time to complete the application. There are sections for both teachers and school counselors to complete evaluations and recommendations using this application, please notify them if you plan to use this application. This is the preferred method of application if you plan to apply to a variety of public and private schools. 

    The Application Guide can be found HERE
    Video Tutorials can be found by clicking HERE

    The SUNY Application allows you to use the same admission application to apply to any SUNY college/university/community college. SUNY Viewbooks are available in the Counseling Center to assist with this application. Each school has specific supplemental requirements so take the time to familiarize yourself with admission criteria.

    Fee Waiver If you believe that you qualify for a fee waiver, please make sure the CEP & P2 Household Income Form has been filled out and submitted to the Board of Education office.