Expectations of Athletes

  • Rule of Three (Order of Student-Athlete's Priorities)

    1. Family
    2. Academics
    3. Cross Country

    Everything Else (work/ friends/ hobbies/ etc.)

    Eligibility for the Team

    • Passing 4 Courses and Physical Education for the 4th Quarter
    • Attendance is 90%
    • MUST Pass a Physical given by the school's doctors (UB Sports Medicine)
    • Read and Sign Code of Conduct with your parent (then turn in)

    Eligibility for Practice and Races

    • Attendance to school for at least 5 periods (If you are sick and go home- stay home)
    • Attend school on Friday to run/practice on Friday and Saturday
    • Must participate in physical education class to participate after school in cross country
    • Conduct yourself as a model student-athlete, exhibiting good sportsmanship at all times, and as a person of good moral character and integrity on the course and off

    Practice Rules

    • Be on time (ready to run at the time posted)
    • Follow directions at all times (this is for your safety)
    • Always put your best effort forward in everything we do
    • If you are missing practice or a meet, for any reason, the coaching staff should be notified from you or a parent (documentation may be required).
    • Notifying coaches before an absence is imperative-- failure to do so could result in sitting out of competition(s).

    General Practice Routine

    Practice times in general are Monday-Friday 3:15-5:15pm and Saturday 9-11am.

    • Assemble- Directions for the day's practice
    • Warm-up (if necessary)
    • Workout/Run
    • Strides if planned
    • Stretch and Strength Training
    • Debrief and Dismiss

    Transportation Policy

    • Athletes must ride the bus to all meets with the team
    • Any exceptions must be cleared with written permission from the Athletic Director prior to the competition day
    • If you would like to ride home with a parent you must have them sign you out with a coach
      • Please do not do this while other races are taking place/starting- it is a distraction for the coaching staff.
      • Athletes may only leave with their parent (not a friend/friend's parent)