High School Resume

  • You will need a high school resume to ask for letters of recommendation as well as for many college and scholarship applications. This may be the first resume you will create and you will likely not have a lot of work experience to include. Fortunately, a list of jobs is not the primary goal—colleges are looking to see what you have done. 

    • Begin with your objective.
      • Make a statement about your intended major in college and your future academic and career goals. 
      • Keep this brief and focused.
    • Create a section for your education.
      • List your high school name and address and include your expected graduation year and GPA. 
      • Below your high school, you may want to point out special courses you have taken, such as advanced placement classes. 
        • Keep this section short, because your high school transcript will provide a complete list.
    • List your extracurricular activities.  
      • You should list each item on one line, with a brief description of your involvement, and the years in which you participated.
      • Memberships in organizations, offices held, artistic contributions (musical, publications, exhibits), outside-school activities (church, scouting, etc.)           
    • Create a section for your awards and achievements.
      • Include academic honors such as honor roll, dean’s list, or admission into an honor society. 
      • Also include awards from Scouts, community service, or church activities.
    • List your community service. 
      • Most colleges like to see some involvement with the community, so whether you are a volunteer tutor or baked cookies for your church bake sale every Sunday, make sure you list any type of volunteer activity. 
      • Explain your specific involvement and the number of hours (for a particular activity like Habitat for Humanity) or years (for continuing activities) of experience.
    • Include relevant work experience. 
      • If you worked while in high school to support yourself or your family, this is especially important, since colleges will want to see that you were responsible for earning a living while earning your grades. 
      • Include information about any internship within your academic field and other part-time jobs that you performed such as babysitting.
    • Edit and revise.  
      • The resume should be approximately one page long and should be easy to read, organized, and grammatically perfect.  Proofread!!!!!!
      • Have a couple people (a teacher, parent, or school counselor) PROOFREAD and evaluate the resume to make sure it is the best reflection of you as a candidate. 

High School Resume Examples

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