Enrichment Projects and Extra Credit

  • The assignments/projects below may be assigned at certain times during the year or may be done outside of the classroom for extra credit. When the projects are assigned, students will have lots of choices, so if any are completed previously for extra credit, students will simply choose a different project.

    Book Reports for Miss Koch's 7th and 8th Graders
    For this report you may choose from any of the ideas listed on this page. Choose a project that you will enjoy doing and that shows off your individual talent and learning style. You must have the book with you when you present the project. All written projects must be typed and double-spaced. Your project will be evaluated as a test grade worth 100 points according to the guidelines:

    PROJECTS must:
    1. follow guidelines and requirements
    2. include title, genre, and author of the book
    3. provide evidence student has read the book
    4. be neatly done—easy to see/read/understand. Any mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and mechanics do not hinder comprehension of written work

    Book Report Project Ideas & Guidelines
    1. Write a 2+ page report summarizing the novel. Orally present the report to the class.
    2. Write a poem about the book, one character in it, or some other aspect of the book. The poem must be at least 16 lines long, but does not have to rhyme. Orally present the poem to the class.
    3. Make a poster that relates to the novel on poster size paper (12X18). Share the poster with the class.
    4. Make a 20+ question quiz on the book. Attach an answer key. Orally present the quiz to the class.
    5. Write a 1+ page in-depth report on a character in the book. (What traits does the character have? What motivates the character? Is he/she well developed by the author? Do you agree /disagree with the way the character handled events in the book? Why? Would you like to meet the character? Why? Etc.) Orally present the character report to the class.
    6. Write a 1+ page report defining 1-3 literature terms—simile, metaphor, personification, symbolism, foreshadowing, flashback, etc. Also include at least three examples of each term from the book. Orally present the literature term report to the class.
    7. Write a skit/play for a portion of the book or an event in the book. Present the skit to the class.
    8. Create a Power Point presentation about the book. Include setting, character, plot, theme, etc. in your presentation. Present the Power Point to the class.
    9. Write a 1+ page "new ending" for the story. Include a brief summary of how the book really ended. Orally present the new ending for the story.
    10. Write a 2+ page list of the pros (positives) and the cons (negatives) about the book. Be sure to include an example from the book of each pro and con. Orally present the pros and cons of the book.
    11. Build a miniature diorama/stage setting/shadow box for a scene in the book. Be as detailed as you can. Share your miniature scene with the class.
    12. Write a 1+ page "review" of the book for a newspaper or magazine. Orally present your review to the class.
    13. Create a board game with the story elements in your book—character, setting, plot, theme, mood, etc. Orally present your game to the class.
    14. Write a 1+ page biography on the author of the book. Include a list of other works written by that author. Orally present the biography.
    15. Research any historical names, places, or facts mentioned in the book and write a 1+ page paper on the material you find. Be sure to note the page numbers on which the historical reference was mentioned in the book. Also include a list of the resources used in research. Orally present your historical facts paper to the class.
    16. Write a 2+ page paper comparing and/or contrasting at least two characters in the book.
    17. Write 3 new titles for the book. Write 1+ paragraphs (5-8 sentences) supporting each new title. Orally present your new titles paper to the class.
    18. Make a map and trace the journey of a character or characters in the story. Be sure to identify important places and events. Orally present your map to the class.
    19. Imagine that you are one of the main characters. Write a diary account of daily thoughts and activities for 2+ weeks (14 days) in the life of your character. Orally present your diary to the class.
    20. Construct a pictorial time line that summarizes what happens in the story. Orally present the time line to the class.
    21. Think of a situation that happened to a character in the story and write a 1+ page on how he/she could have handled it better or differently. Orally present the "character situations" paper.
    22. Select parts from the story that were the funniest, saddest, happiest, most unbelievable, most frightening, etc. and write a 1+ page paper explaining and supporting your choices. Pick at least three parts.
    23. Develop a front page for a newspaper using incidents from the story. The page must have a title for the paper, headlines, bylines, datelines, picture with captions, as well as stories. Use a 12X18 piece of construction paper or tag board. Orally present the "front page news".
    24. Make a written book report, including the following items:

    • Title of book
    • author
    • setting--where and when
    • major and minor characters
    • plot (2+ paragraphs)
    • Theme/moral/life lesson
    • Would you recommend this book to someone? Why? Why not? (1+paragraph

    25. Take a 2-3 minute video or Power Point discussing and recommending the book
    26. Write a 1+ paper comparing and contrasting the era in which the story takes place and the aspects of that era with today. (Example: lanterns to electricity/horse and buggy to cars, etc.) Orally present the "era compare/contrast" paper.
    27. Dress like a character in the book and read excerpts from the book to portray that character or act out parts of the book as the character.
    28. Develop a news show (complete with news, sports, weather, and special features) that uses information from the book. Orally present the "news broadcast" to the class.
    29. Locate phrases in the book that appeal to the 5 senses—hear, smell, touch, taste, see. You must have 2 phrases for each sense. Be sure to tell the page and paragraph of each example.
    30. Find 10-15 vocabulary words in the book that are new to you. Create a crossword puzzle using the words and their proper dictionary definitions. Present the crossword puzzle to the class.