2018-19 Budget Update

  • Deborah A. Coder, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Management Services
    March 28, 2018

    The District Goals

    • Preserve programs that will allow students to meet graduation requirements and be college and career ready
    • Adhere to the Property Tax Cap Limit

    Budget Status

    • Instructional programs for students will be maintained and the increasing diverse needs of students will be better addressed.
    • The recommended expenditure budget will not exceed the Property Tax Cap Limit of $758,796.

    Pending Concerns

    • How much State Aid in the form of Foundation Aid will the District actually receive?
      • Reputable sources cite that the Governor will release the approved budget on March 29, 2018

    NYS Budget Passage Impact

    • Based on prior year analytics it is projected that the passage of the NYS budget should include an increase to the district’s Foundation Aid.
    • While the exact dollar amount is not known, the district is hopeful to receive an increase of at least $500,000 to help offset the usage of appropriated fund balance to enhance educational programs.
      • The Foundation Aid in January 2018 was: $35,712,774
      • Minimum Foundation Aid “Hoped” for is: $36,212,774
      • Potential Increase to Foundation Aid: $500,000

    What Are the Adjustments?

    • Expenditure and appropriated fund balance reductions made between February 7, 2018 and March 27, 2018 total $ 2,166,964
      • Retirement salary savings amounted to $777,457
      • Revised estimates for vendor and contractual obligations totaled $890,300
      • Potential usage of appropriated fund balance totals $499,207
    • Staffing additions to the budget total $499,207
    • Net expenditure reduction totals $1,667,757

    Retirements Include:

    • LEA Positions – Teachers, Teaching Assistants, COTAs, Nurses:
      • 14 teacher retirements
    • LASA Positions – Principals, Assistant Principals, Directors:
      • 1 Principal retirement
    • LSEA Positions – Custodians, Secretaries, Teacher Aides:
      • 2 Secretaries

    To Meet the Increasing Diverse Needs of our Students Other Staffing Adjustments include:

    • The following positions are added into the 2018-2019 budget
      • One elementary physical education teacher
      • One Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages (Language other than English) teacher
      • One elementary school counselor position
      • One Committee on Special Education chairperson for agency placements
      • One teaching assistant
      • Four teacher aides
      • One school secretary
      • One part time nurse
      • One part time security person

    The Result

    • With the reduction in expenditures and a positive attitude towards a potential state aid increase, coupled with the usage of appropriated fund balance from this year’s budget, the District would be able to maintain current programs and continue to address the diverse needs of students.

    Next Steps:

    • The Board of Education can adopt the current proposed expenditure budget of $99,284,670 on April 11, 2018, with a tax levy increase of no more than $758,796 or 2.015%.
    • The Budget to Budget increase would be $2,466,203 or 2.55%.

    2018-2019 Budget Summary

    • Proposed Expenditure Budget $99,284,670
    • Projected Revenue Budget $58,574,621
    • 2018-2019 Tax Levy Requested $38,417,272
    • 2017-2018 Current Tax Levy $37,658,476
    • Tax Levy Increase (2.015%) $758,796