Annual School Budget and All Propositions Have Passed

  • Below are the unaudited results of voting and elections:

    • Annual School Budget: 792 YES 447 NO
    • Proposition 2 Establishment of Capital Improvements Reserve Fund: 832 YES 421 NO
    • Proposition 3 Energy Performance Improvements: 924 YES 353 NO


    Board of Education Members:


    • Thomas W. Fiegl 729
    • Kevin W. Pratt 771
    • Kyle T. Lambalzer 812
    • John A. Linderman 776

    Congratulations to returning Board of Education members John Linderman and Kevin Pratt, and welcome to new Board of Education member Kyle Lambalzer.  A special thank you to Thomas Fiegl for his many years of dedicated service as a Board of Education member.  Thank you to all those who took the time to vote.  The Board of Canvassers will meet on Wednesday, May 16 to validate the results.