School Newspaper (Towpath)

  • Advisor: M. Gunsolus
    Website: Towpath
    The purpose of Towpath is to keep students, staff, and the community informed of all of the happenings going on at Lockport High School! The Towpath newspaper is updated every week and can be found right online under the Lockport City Schools website. We do publish all of the highlighted articles biannually in the Lockport Union Sun and Journal to keep those informed who might not have access to the website. The club is comprised of writers, editors, and is perfect for those who want to get involved in a club that reflects leadership and creativity! Meetings are held twice a month after-school and the majority of the writing is done outside of school. This is a perfect club to practice interviewing others and encourages students to meet others and become more personable. We hold bakes sales monthly to raise funds for club shirts as well. Using the Remind App helps students to plan meeting dates, bake sale dates, etc. We acknowledge all of the dedicated hard work throughout the year by holding a celebration the last week of school with a party. Students with any questions can visit Room #254.