Foreign Language Clubs

  • Advisors: M. Pasquale, T. Lang, J. Merkle, V. Hamluk, K. Giansante
    The Lockport High School Foreign Language Club has three subgroups: one each for French, Latin, and Spanish. The groups do activities independently, as well as collectively. The purpose of the club is to give students opportunities to explore various cultures. Students within each club participate in activities such as holiday celebrations, ethnic food making, and field trips. All students are invited to participate in the groups. Each language also has a chapter of a Language Honor Society with an induction ceremony that takes place in the Spring of each year. For this honor, students must meet the requirements of the national organizations. Eligible students are notified by letter of the honor. Students with any questions can visit Room #202 (Spanish), #213 or #212 (Latin) or #258 (French).