Fundraising for the Future

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  • The District has made the decision to streamline and better manage District initiated fundraising from the community. This decision was made in response to an expressed burden placed on the Lockport community being asked to financially support a variety of school sponsored activities and groups. It is not the intention of the District to eliminate fundraising from the community, but to be more selective about who is being solicited and how many fundraising events occur at any one time. Fundraising solely from District staff is not impacted by this decision.

  • To this end, we ask that advisors and coaches consider their fundraising plans for this year, and the upcoming school year, as they relate to the group or activity they advise/coach. For each fundraiser the group plans to engage in you will need to receive approval from your building principal or director (Athletic Director for coaches) via the Principal/Director Fundraiser Approval Form, and complete the Fundraiser Plan Submission Form. The signed Principal/Director Fundraiser Approval Form can be email directly to Holly Dickinson, Director of Grants and District/Community Programs, at or it can be included as a Google Doc link under Additional Information on the Fundraiser Plan Submission Form. Once both forms are received the GDCP Department will provide final approval of your fundraiser, post it on the Fundraiser Calendar and Fundraiser Events pages, and will monitor its progress.

    Thank you!

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