Getting the Word Out & Practicing Gratitude

dreams without action produce no results
  •  There are multiple options for sharing your fundraising activity with potential participants to get the word out and expand your fundraisers reach.

    • District Staff: you can post your fundraiser to the Lockport Schools Bulletin Board
    • Parents & Families: you can send out a digital community newsletter about your fundraiser through PeachJar
    • Parents & Community Members: you can share the link to the Fundraising Calendar and Fundraising Events pages with your principal for the monthly school newsletter, on social media, or through personal email etc.
    • The Lockport Community: you can share information about your approved fundraiser on District social media by contacting Patti Quast ( For social media posts you must include at least one photo/image that shows the students/group who will benefit from the fundraiser.
  • Don't forget to thank those who supported you!

    Once your fundraising is complete, have a photo of your students enjoying what the funds purchased (i.e. wearing new jerseys, participating in a summer skills camp, at an awards banquet) posted on social media, the Bulletin Board, and/or in the school newsletter thanking those who made the items or event possible.