2022-2023 School Budget has Passed

  • The 2022-2023 school budget has passed. Below are the audited results of voting and elections:

    Proposition No. 1: School Budget Vote 739 YES 500 NO

    Board of Education Trustee Election

    • Robin Heyn 609
    • Geneva Johnson 432
    • Sterling Pierce, Jr. 700
    • Leslie Tobin 613
    • Tracy Caruso 764

    Thank you to all those registered voters in the community who took the time to vote. Congratulations to the top three candidates for being voted as Board of Education members, Tracy Caruso, Sterling Pierce, Jr. and Leslie Tobin, each for three-year terms. Thank you to all candidates for entering the election. A special thank you to President Karen Young and Secretary Edward Sandell for serving on the LCSD Board of Education for six and twelve years respectively. Your efforts and leadership are greatly appreciated!