Breakfast in the Classroom

  • The Breakfast in the Classroom program provides students the opportunity to have a nutritious morning meal during the first few minutes of their first period class. With this program in place, the Dining Hall will no longer offer traditional breakfast options before school. Any breakfast menu items must be obtained through this program.

    The Breakfast in the Classroom “guaranteed delivery method” provides an easy process to ensure all students who choose to participate can do so quickly and with little interruption to the beginning of their academic day.

    The process is as follows:

    1. Each day, students will arrive as normal and proceed to their respective first period classes. The insulated carrying case that contains complete breakfasts will already be in the classrooms awaiting the students’ arrival.
    2. All students have the option to participate in the Breakfast in the Classroom program. Those who do will take their breakfast from the insulated carrying case and proceed to their desk to consume the meal. Students who take a breakfast will initial the student roster which is submitted to Aramark, the Lockport City School District food service provider.
    3. Students will enjoy their breakfast at their desk as their school day begins.
    4. Students will dispose of their breakfast trash in the provided classroom trash bag and it is set outside the door for pick up by an Aramark employee.

    Please note: Your child does not have to participate in the Breakfast in the Classroom program; it is your/their choice. A Breakfast in the Classroom menu is printed on the back of the regular monthly school lunch menu. The menu items consist of healthy kids’ favorites, made with whole grains and low fat proteins. Every breakfast entrée item is served with cold fruit or 100% fruit juice, and milk. Again, it is important to remember that no money will be transferred during the time of breakfast. The meal will be charged to the students’ account and must be paid when the student proceeds to the checkout during their lunch period.

    To ensure your child is receiving the proper nutrition, feel free to apply money to your child’s lunch account. You can create an account at or call (866) 533-0149 with your child’s Student ID Number and follow the provided instructions.

    Considering the well-known and documented benefits of students eating breakfast every day, we look forward to providing your child with this additional opportunity to be successful and to reach their potential.