FIRST Lego League

  • Email Mr. Lieber:

    You can register with the YWCA After School Program to be part of a Robotics club this year, Wednesday 3-4 pm it is sponsored by the YWCA. 

    You must be part of the YWCA After School Program to join our robotics club even if you come only one hour a week.

    The link to reister is

    Here at EBIS, I use the FLL method in all my classes, so EVERY 6th grader will get a learning experience problem solving and engineering on a team using Lego robotics and other gear.  The only difference is that there will not be an extra-curricular team going to compete.  

    There will be a Robotics Club at EB this year.  This will be comprised of students that are: signed up at the Challenger Center, After School YWCA students, students that want to explore the field of robotics and coding, students possibly interested in competing outside EBIS. If you and your child would like to know more about Robotics Club, please email Mr. Lieber with "Robotics Club" in the subject line.