Lockport Board of Education

  • The Lockport City School District Board of Education is comprised of nine (9) members.  Board members are elected to three-year terms by qualified voters of the district at the district election and budget vote.  Each of our trustees serve 3 year terms on a staggered basis (3 are up each year).  The Board of Education elects a president, vice president, and secretary at its annual organizational meeting in July.  All members of the Board of Education serve without pay.

    The school board is responsible for formulating educational and school district policies. The district clerk (an appointed official), who is responsible for recording and preparing the minutes of the meeting for approval by the Board of Education and for keeping the official minutes of Board meetings, also sits at the table with the Board, as well as the district's superintendent and two assistant superintendents.

    The Superintendent of Schools serves at the pleasure of the Board of Education as the district's chief executive officer.  The superintendent is responsible for the administration of all policies adopted by the Board and the execution of all decisions made by the Board concerning internal operations of the school system.