• The Lockport City School District is committed to creating regular opportunities for two-way dialogue between our District and the community we serve. “The Roar” will give the community a voice within LCSD. The Lockport City School District will regularly engage our community by gathering input on various different topics. Each edition will ask an important question via Thought Exchange. This tool encourages participants to share their own thoughts by answering a question and then rating others’ thoughts according to how strongly they agree.

    This edition of The Roar is asking you:

    As you consider the efforts to maintain community engagement and communication between home/community and school, what is going well, and what suggestions do you have?

    Please click here to give us your thoughts on this edition of "The Roar" and to rate other people's thoughts. Come back to this link often to review more thoughts!

    As a district, we want to hear your thoughts about how we as a district communicate between home/community and school. We will use the results to gauge the most popular opinions and prioritize our work accordingly. Within the results, questions will surely arise. We will be answering some of those questions monthly in The Roar: Feedback series which will be housed at lockportschools.org/community.