Sport Physicals

  • All sport physicals will be performed by the staff of physicians and nurse practitioners from the University Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine office.  

    You will need to have a sport physical in order to try out for any sport. To receive a physical every student must have a completed and signed copy of the following:

    If a student needs a sport physical but is unable to have the physical on the available dates, they will need to go to UB Sports Medicine, 160 Farber Hall (located on South Campus). To obtain a physical appointment at this location, please call 716-204-3200. There will be a charge for the sport physical. You must bring the “PreParticipation Physical Evaluation” and "Parent/Student Concussion" forms completed and signed by a parent.
    Please note: Lockport sport physicals are given each year in June in the student’s physical education class free of charge for grades 7-12.