This calendar is for LHS staff event approval only.

How to add an event

Instructions for Posting

    • Click the Edit Page button in the upper right
    • Hover over the Clubs and Groups Approval Calendar, click the PENCIL
    • To add your event click:
      • New Event or double click on the date of your event
        • Enter times
        • Enter description
        • Choose a CATEGORY from the dropdown
    • Using the TABS across the top enter:
      • Location information
      • Contact Information
      • POST TO CALENDAR. Check the box Post Event to Other Calendars > Post to Lockport High School. If you do not check this box your event will not be forwarded for administrator approval!
        • If this is a VPA event, also post to the VPA calendar
    • You will get an email once your event is approved - be sure to enter your contact information. Please do not promote your event until you receive approval from Administration.

    For more information such as making your event recurring or adding attachments, visit the calendar app help page. For assistance or training please contact Patti Quast.

Clubs and Groups Approval Calendar