Emmet Belknap Track

  • Now through October 20th


    • OPEN sunrise
    • CLOSED 8AM while school is in session and for sports practices and meets
    • OPEN 5:30PM (after practice) or 7PM (after meet) APPROXIMATE TIMES
    • CLOSED sunset


    • Saturday: The track OPENS after the football game and CLOSES at sunset
    • Sunday: The track OPENS at sunrise and CLOSES at sunset.


    • The track is closed.

    Entrance location to track: South Gate by Board of Education Parking Lot

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Lockport High School Track

  • The Lockport High School track is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please Note

  • Dates and times are subject to change based on student and/or district activity schedules.



  • No wheels, such as:

    • strollers
    • bikes
    • rollerblades
    • roller skates
    • scooters
    • motorized toys

     No four legged animals, such as:

    • dogs

    Any person that sees someone violating a guideline may contact: