Lockport High School Foundation

  • Lockport High School Foundation The Lockport High School Foundation works to assist students in their learning experiences. Established in 2003 as a 501 (c)(3) charitable foundation to receive tax-deductible donations.

    The Foundation:

    • Pays for SUNY-NCCC college credit courses for students with financial need.
    • Grants college scholarships annually.
    • Purchased needed instruments for the music department and forensic specimens for our new forensic class with matching funds.
    • Established a landscaped walkway at the school for the honoring/memorializing of individuals, families or classes.

    With the increasing costs of education, and the decreasing support of the State, the establishment and success of a supportive Foundation for Lockport High School is critical to its continued success. As a graduate of Lockport High School, you can give back to your community and high school with a tax deductible contribution to this Foundation.

    Contact us: lockporthighschoolfoundation@gmail.com

Foundation Events

Lockport High School Distinguished Alumni

Honoree Class of First Name Last Name Maiden Name Title LHS Class of
2019 Keah Brown 2009
2019 Dennis Devine 1964
2019 Gareth Eaton 1958
2019 Patricia Evans 1960
2019 Frank Loiars 1950
2019 Elaine Farchione-Sobieraski 1960
2019 Clara Ann Tilney 1969
2018 David Conlin 1961
2018 Michelle Green Walker Dr. 1990
2018 Albert Jex SPC 2003
2018 Amy Moritz 1991
2018 Paul Reid 1974
2018 Roxanne Smith Burke 1971
2018 Michael Ulrich 1958
2018 R. Thomas Weeks 1965
2017 Anthony Caridi 1980
2017 Bette Dale 1935
2017 Jack Florio 1979
2017 Julie Zenger Hain 1980
2017 Cindi McEachon 2000
2017 James Sansone 1960
2017 Jack Walters 1946
2017 Edward Weeks 1953
2017 Ronald Franco 1980
2016 Mark Glynn 1969

Alma Mater

  • Hail!
    Alma Mater’s colors proudly flying
    Gold and the Blue, we pledge to thee our love;
    Dearer to us than crimson deep and purple,
    Guide of our way, as true as stars above.
    Emblem of love, thy colors softly blended,
    Speak of the life that all our sons must share.
    Gold for the sun whose beams are shining o’er us,
    Blue for the sky, so bright and so fair.
    Chorus: For some love the blue and gray
    And others the gleam of gold,
    The flash of the green o’er silvery sheen
    Displayed when the flags unfold;
    Whatever the shade may be that keeps others brave and true
    Tho’ colors are many, you’ll not find any
    Compare with the Gold and Blue!