Annual School Budget has Passed

  • 2020-2021 School Budget Result

    Yes   3,177
    No    1,860
    Budget passes at 63%

    School Board Election Result

    • Renee Cheatham 2,881 (3 year term)
    • Heather Hare 2,339 (3 year term)
    • Martha Kershaw 2,012 (3 year term)
    • Edward Sandell 1,997 (2 year term)

    Thank you to the community for participating in this year’s unprecedented budget vote and board of education election. We stated all along that the unusual process was challenging, but we appreciate all who took the time to submit an absentee ballot.

    A special thank you to District Clerk Deborah Coder for meeting the demands of the arduous task of coordinating the process and to co-deputy clerks Laurie Banko and Karen Schleicher for their assistance and attention to detail. 

    I want to recognize the twenty-four election inspectors for their endurance and high level of integrity throughout the tabulation process.  We appreciate your efforts. 

    Thanks to our security officers for supervising the ballot box, assisting with the transportation of ballots, and providing security throughout the process. 

    Members of our nursing staff and the custodial department, along with Director of Facilities Timothy Parker, were all there when we needed rooms arranged and temperatures taken.  

    And finally, thank you to all of the board of education candidates for their interest in helping to lead the Lockport City School District.  Congratulations to the four newly elected board of education members. We look forward to working with all of you! Thank you to Thomas Fiegl, outgoing board of education member, for your past service.  Your dedication to the Lockport City School District is recognized and very much appreciated.