A Message from Superintendent Bradley

  • COVID-19 Update from Superintendent Bradley 11-6-2020

School Reopening Update

  • April 27, 2021 Four Day In-Person Instructional Model Grades PK-4: Effective Monday, May 3, 2021, the following Prek-grade 4 schools will operate in a four day in-person instructional model:

    • John Pound Early Childhood Center
    • Anna Merritt Elementary School
    • Charles Upson Elementary School
    • George Southard Elementary School
    • Roy B. Kelley Elementary School

    The Prek-grade 4 schools will continue to operate with the same start and end times. Students will attend school four days a week for in-person instruction on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Some students will remain in a full remote instructional model. Remote Wednesdays will remain in the schedule and be used for synchronous and asynchronous learning.

    Students in grades 5-12 (LHS, LHSWCC, NPJHS, and EBIS) will continue in the two day in-person hybrid instructional model with a continuation also of the 100% remote learning instructional model option.

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  • Yellow Zone Test Results Summary: Thank you for participating in the yellow zone testing process. No further yellow zone testing is required at this time. Please remember to wear a face covering, practice social distancing, wash your hands frequently, and monitor your health regularly. Stay safe and be well.

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Mask and Sanitizer Notification

  • Face Coverings: Following consultation with the school physician the following are acceptable forms of face coverings - cloth masks made with a cotton material, surgical masks, N95 masks, and gaiters made of multiple layers of cotton. Fleece masks and one layer gaiters are not acceptable.

    Hand Sanitizer: The Standing First Aid Protocols that we receive annually from our school physician permit the use of alcohol-based sanitizers with students without a physician's order. If a parent does not want their child to use a hand sanitizer they must notify the district in writing.

School Reopening Plan and Resources

  • LCSD School Reopening Plan
  • LCSD School Reopening Plan Amendment Grades PreK-4
  • COVID-19 Testing Letters and Consent Forms
  • Governor Required: Remote Learning Plan
  • Governor Required: COVID-19 Testing Plan and Contact Tracing
  • NYS School COVID Report Card
  • NYSDOH Pre-K to Grade 12 COVID-19 Toolkit (PARENT/STUDENT)
  • NYSDOH Pre-K to Grade 12 COVID-19 Toolkit (STAFF)
  • COVID-19 Communication/Notification Plan Slides
  • School Reopening Slides Updated
  • School Reopening Guidelines
  • School Reopening FAQ's
  • Return to Athletics
  • Parent Q & A Sessions
  • Planning and Preparation of School Reopening Survey: Parent Results

School Reopening Plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question Log from Parent Sessions

🏈🎨Athletics, Special Area, and Extracurricular Activities

  • When will athletics be offered?

  • If my child is receiving a remote education, is he/she eligible for athletics?

  • How will art, music, and physical education be delivered in the K-4 and 5-6 schools?

  • When will extracurricular activities be offered?

😷Face Mask / Coverings

  • Are face coverings required?

  • Are cloth face masks acceptable face coverings?

  • Do I have to provide my child with a face covering?

  • How long are mask breaks and how often?

  • Will hand sanitizer be provided?

🍎Food Service

  • Where will students consume their meals while in school?

  • How will meals be distributed while children are remoting learning?

🩺Health Screening

  • Will students/staff be tested for Covid-19?

  • How will students and staff be monitored for Covid-19 symptoms?


  • Who do we contact if we are having trouble with district provided devices?

  • Will all students be provided a device to use on remote learning days?

  • Where do we find directions to get on google classroom, google meet, and any other sites required?

  • What if my child is unable to login at daycare?

  • How will grades be calculated?

  • What school supplies do students need?

  • What is the plan for remote learning? 2-1-2

  • What is the plan for remote learning? Every Day Option

  • How will the high school BOCES CTE program operate?

🚍Requirements on Bus

  • Are students required to wear masks on school buses?

  • Can transportation be refused if a student is not wearing a mask?

  • Will my child still be able to take the bus to school if eligible?

🏫Return to School / Work After Illness

  • What is required in order for students who had symptoms of COVID-19 to return to school?

  • What is required in order for staff who had symptoms of COVID-19 to return to work?

📆School Calendar and Schedules

  • How are students assigned to Blue and Gold Cohorts?

  • What is the Blue Cohort and Gold Cohort schedule?

  • What is the school calendar for the 2020-2021 school year?

  • Before / After School Programs

  • What are the hours for in-person school days?

  • What are the hours for remote learning school days?