Welcome to Lockport High School

  • Lockport High School

    For today's orientation please use the links within this page to explore the building and learn more about procedures. Start with the picture of Mrs. Wylke and take a journey through a day at Lockport High School. Next check out the How do I? section. You will find the current COVID procedures on this webpage also. Complete your journey by taking a knowledge test.

Start Your Journey Here!

  • A Message from Mrs Wylke, LHS Principal
  • Meet The Staff
  • Morning Routine
  • Main Office-Guidance Office-Nurse's Office
  • Study Hall
  • LHS Library
  • STEM Hub
  • Physical Education
  • Lunch at LHS
  • Dismissal

How do I?

  • Navigate the Hallways
  • Read Your Schedule
  • Open My Locker
  • Create and Use a Parent Portal Account
  • Use a Student Portal Account

COVID-19 Procedures

  • Boarding and Riding the Bus
  • Arriving at LHS
  • Navigating the Hallways
  • Classroom Etiquette
  • Eating Lunch in the Cafeteria

Complete your journey!