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Welcome to DEI at LCSD

  • At the Lockport City School District, our commitment is to foster a learning environment that is secure, inclusive, fair, and just for every student. By actively identifying areas where improvement is necessary and collaborating to enact essential changes, we strive to uphold the nation's promise of equal opportunity for all. While we may not have all the solutions at our fingertips, our school community is dedicated to tackling the demanding task of effecting positive, actionable changes within our schools and the broader educational system, addressing all forms of racism, bias, and discrimination.

    We acknowledge that the dialogues we are encouraging within our student body, staff, administrators, and community members can be challenging. To some, change may appear to be unfolding too slowly, while for others, it may seem too rapid. Nevertheless, we firmly believe that following a thorough and deliberate process is key to achieving lasting results. The inequities and structural racism that have persisted in our schools for centuries will not vanish overnight, but they represent the most pressing issues in public education today. We extend our gratitude to the Lockport community for its unwavering support and partnership in our pursuit of this critical endeavor.

    For more information about DEI and MBK programs, contact:portrait of heather mcclain
    Heather McClain
    Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity 
    MBK Advisory Council Co-Chair
    Phone: (716) 748-4867