• Possip Intro

    Lockport High School, along with the Lockport City School District, is announcing a new partnership with Possip! Possip gives principals a pulse of our stakeholders to make LHS stronger, better meet family expectations, and serve everyone equally.  

    In schools, there are long-standing barriers in the way of families, students, and staff sharing their voices. The administration is focused on hearing from diverse and dispersed voices in a clear, digestible way. Possip is here to help break down those barriers.

    Parents & Guardians will be getting Possip text messages two to three times a month asking about happiness with LHS. Occasionally, we will ask custom questions based on situations as they arise. You will be asked to share your name or remain anonymous, but be sure to share your name if you would like the school to follow up with you. But wait, there's more! Celebrate the good by sharing praise! Feel free to respond with praise to a teacher, staff member, or situation - tell everyone what you're loving about LHS!

    SMS Consent
    Lockport HS contacts families by text message and email using a service called Possip, which is also used by 1300 schools and almost one million people across the country. We use Possip to ask for and receive feedback on your happiness and experience with our school. Lockport HS and Possip do not share any of your information, and follow federal regulations on student and user privacy.

    Lockport HS has the ability to send text messages via Possip. Text messages are used to gather feedback, praise, questions and ideas from you, and you may participate anonymously each and every time you share. You may also opt out of receiving text messages and still share by email. You can make sure you have updated your contact information on file by calling the school.

    To learn more about Possip, visit www.possip.com.  Here’s how it works:

    • About twice a month, you will receive a text to complete the survey.
    • The survey is typically only two questions with an option to provide additional feedback.
    • The survey should take as little as 30 seconds to complete.

    Linked is a quick video from Possip walking you through the process.