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  • Welcome, Ms. McClain!

    by Anna Nilsson

    Ms. McClain Ms. McClain joined the Lockport High School administration on November 26th, 2018 in the role of assistant principal. She supervises the special education, business, and math departments of the school, but she also works with scheduling, the Grad Point program, and Team Nine. Ms. McClain has worked in education for twenty years now, having worked in Buffalo, Baltimore, Atlanta, and, for the first time, Lockport. Her background is in teaching English to seventh through twelfth graders, and she was an assistant principal at an elementary school. She went to Buffalo State College for her undergraduate’s degree in English, to Canisius for her master’s in education kindergarten through twelfth grade, and also to Canisius for her administrative certificate.

    Although this is only her first year at Lockport High School, Ms. McClain has high hopes for improving the educational environment. She states that, “I'm hoping to always build relationships with students and families and teachers: positive relations. It’s always my goal, whether as a teacher or a principal.” She hopes to help not only the students, but the teachers as well, so that they become even more engaged in their students and their work, with the ultimate goal of creating a school that kids want to come to, not just to see their friends, but to learn. She hopes that, eventually, students look forward to their classes after vacation, and it becomes an even more positive atmosphere than it has been. So expect to be seeing Ms. McClain around, because she plans to be here for a long time.

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