Featured Article: What’s up With all of the New Construction? by Dylan Ross

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    You’ve seen it. The new tennis courts in the back of our school, the new football field at Emmet Belknap, and baseball fields across from Charles Upson. To help explain what is happening around the district, I sat down with Mr. Sukdolak, the director of Athletics, Health and Wellness for the Lockport City School District to ask some questions. It turns out, what we see so far is just half of what’s to come. There’s the football field (completed in time for the 2018 homecoming game), the baseball fields, and a combined soccer and lacrosse field which will break ground in May of 2019. “Plus, they are going to be re-doing the entire pool area, and they are also putting in a new half mile track. This means students will never have to run out front [during P.E], they’ll have a half mile track back here to run around on.” Most (if not all) athletic projects should be ready in time for the 2019-2020 school year.

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Q & A with the Director of Athletics, Health and Wellness

  • Why are we getting these new fields, courts, pools, etc.
    “A lot of our stuff was unsafe and [they] really needed to be upgraded.”
    Is our district the cultural shift?
    “Well it’s funny you should ask because we were actually the original proposal before many of the schools in the area did. It got turned down three times before finally getting approved.” It was originally proposed 10-12 years ago and it kept getting refused!
    Do these new projects prove that Lockport is putting more effort into extracurricular activities?
    “I think we should be. We are one of the bigger schools in Western New York. We should be on the cutting edge with everything just like everybody else. There is no reason we don’t deserve what other [districts] are getting.” He also went on to explain why we should be taking advantage of aid money our state is giving us.
    “We’re finally going to get what we paid for...”
    Projects like these derive from the available state aid and what people in the community vote on, and it paid off. The faculty and students really seem to like the new facilities.

Go Lions!

  • Soccer Field at LHS

    A new half mile track, soccer, and lacrosse field at LHS, completed in the summer of 2019.

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