Emergency Response Planning

  • This parent's information guide outlines some of the key elements of the school district's state of preparedness. It is our hope that this information answers the questions you have concerning the actions and intentions with regard to your children while they are in school or traveling to or from school.

    What Can We Expect Schools to do IN an Emergency: Staff will immediately account for and attend to the needs of every child. Any children who are injured will be given medical treatment as soon as possible. Children will be kept in the safest location on the school grounds until they can be reunited with their families.

    The school district will:
    • Instruct students and staff in emergency preparedness and in emergency procedures designed to maximize safety in an emergency situation.
    • Prepare personnel to respond to an emergency according to predetermined procedures designed to prevent injuries and minimize property losses and provide appropriate response and support when necessary.
    • Communicate with students' families about emergency preparedness measures to assist them in protecting themselves and their property.
    • Communicate with parents about the school emergency management procedures so school and home can work cooperatively in the best interest of students.
    Depending on the nature of the incident, the school will implement one of the following protective actions:
    • Evacuation: If it is unsafe for students and staff to remain inside the building, we will evacuate. If necessary, we will relocate students and staff to another safe location. We then will follow the directions given by local emergency agencies (i.e. fire or police).
    • Lockdown: A lockdown event occurs when there is an immediate hostile threat to the school. This may be an intruder, a firearms event, or an enraged non-custodial parent trying to take his/her child from school. A lockdown announcement is made and all staff and students seek immediate cover in a locked room. All school activities cease and 911 is called. All staff and students remain in lockdown until released by the police or an all clear announcement is made by school personnel.
    • Shelter-in-place: A procedure whereby the entire school building population is moved to single or multiple locations within the school building (typically the main hallway of a building or depending on the incident a gymnasium or auditorium). This procedure is most commonly used during a weather emergency, external bomb threat, or an external chemical accident/release.
    • Lockout: This is a procedure which allows the school to continue with the normal school day, but curtails outside activity, and allows no unauthorized personnel into the building. Lockout is commonly used when an incident is occurring outside the school building, on or off school property.
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