Welcome to the Emmet Belknap Guidance Office

  • 7th-Grade Class Selection

    Online enrollment for class selection will be open from Friday, January 20th at 7:00 am and will close on Thursday, January 26th at 3:00 pm. A link to the 7th-grade course enrollment will be sent out via text and posted to this webpage. Please remember that LOTE classes are first come first serve and seating is limited for specific languages. Any students who do not have forms submitted by the deadline will have courses selected for them.

  • Counseling services are offered confidentially on an as needed basis.We encourage students who are experiencing conflict to feel comfortable seeking assistance through the Guidance Office.


    - Standardized testing
    - Scheduling and facilitating parent/team conferences
    - Homework requests due to illness (2 day minimum absence)
    - Academic and career planning
    - Maintenance and transfer of student records
    - Referrals to agencies
    - Processing carrier permits

    - Personal/individual and small group counseling
    - Conflict resolution
    - Relationship and grief counseling
    - Family concerns and issues
    - Crisis counseling
    - Discipline intervention relating to attendance and classroom issues

    - Complete psycho-educational evaluations to determine the presence of an educationally-handicapping condition and make recommendations to the Lockport City School District's Committee on SPecial Education in order to determine appropriate services.
    - Monitor the academic and behavioral progress of students receiving special education services through consultation with parents, students and teachers, as well as formal testing.