• Welcome to Mr. Lieber's Classroom
    Room B20, B30 STEMLAB

    Parents : Please keep in mind that Technology Education and Engineering is an in class, hands-on approach to learning. Your child will be asked to put forth 100% effort in completing tasks on time and to the best of his/her ability. It is also standard practice to require students to work with team members at times and independently as well at other times. All students are expected to participate with the fullest level of effort.

    At Emmet Belknap Intermediate School only 6th Graders experience Technology and Engineering Education for a full 10 week marking period as a graded course. This 6th Grade 10 week course is the first 25% of a 40 week Requirement from New York State Education Department. In New York State by the time a student reaches the end of Grade 8, they are required to have 40 weeks of Technology and Engineering Education.  When 6th Grade students enter the course they work with myself and their Core Teacher daily for the full 10 weeks. Students experience Team Based Problem Solving, Design, Model Fabrication, Programming, Electric Circuit building and troubleshooting.  These concepts and skills are applied when students design and build prototypes to solve problems that model real world situations.