Summer Reading Program

  • The Lockport City School District created a Summer Reading Program to help you maintain and strengthen literacy skills. You are encouraged to read any age-appropriate books of your own choice for personal enjoyment and reflection.


    • It’s free to all students entering grades K-12.
    • Grades K-6 are encouraged to take part in the Lockport Public Library Program. Please visit the public library to receive your registration packet.
    • Grades 7-12 are encouraged to take part in the Lockport City School District program. Students are eligible to earn up to 5 extra points on their 1st quarter English grade.
    • You can read any age-appropriate book (fiction or non-fiction) of your choice.
    • You may not use books that you have read before.
    • You must complete a project OR an essay for each book.
    • You must meet with an evaluator in July or August.

Questions about the Program

Evaluation Sessions

  • Evaluators will be at the Lockport Public Library in the Meeting Room. You must meet with an evaluator and have a book discussion before any points can be assigned.  You will be evaluated on your knowledge of the book, your results will be logged and you will receive a receipt upon your successful completion.