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Process for Completing Grant Funded Travel/Conference Requisition Paperwork

If you will be traveling for a grant funded program (attending a conference or out-of-District workshop, for example), please use the examples, instructions, and links below to properly complete your travel paperwork. Once it is complete please drop it off, or interoffice mail it, to the GDCP Office at the BOE building c/o Holly Dickinson. Please click on the Title above for more information.

A Note on Tax Exemption When Traveling

As a Tax Exempt institution we do not pay for, or reimburse, taxes charged on hotel rooms or other travel related purchases. If you are staying at a hotel that does not accept Purchase Orders you will have to bring a tax exempt form from the District with you to present to the hotel at check-in. If you do not do this you will be charged taxes and if you pay them you cannot be reimbursed for that amount by the District. 

If you have questions please call or email.

Holly Dickinson