Shadows on the Sea by Joan Hiatt Harlow

Posted by DONDRA DECKER on 3/4/2019

This historical fiction book is set in Winter Haven, Maine, during World War 2.  Jill is sent to Winter Haven to stay with her grandmother while her dad, a popular singer, is on tour, and her mom is traveling to take care of her brother.  One of the first things she finds on the beach is a carrier pigeon with a canister on its leg.  She finds out that there are many secrets in Winter Haven, and Jill really struggles to know who to trust.  Because of that, she tries to solve things on her own.  Her friend, Quarry, turns out to be a loyal friend, and they work together.

This book is based on facts.  There were really German U boats patrolling our coasts, ready to attack targets.  There really were sympathizers who aided the Germans.

I thought this book started out slowly, but I really enjoyed it as the story progressed.


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