Hound Dog True by Linda Urban

Posted by DONDRA DECKER on 3/26/2019

"Hound Dog True" is about a fifth grade girl, Mattie, who is very shy.  She and her mom have moved a lot, and Mattie does not want to start school in a new place.....again.  She especially does not want to go to the lunchroom or to recess, and so she makes a plan to help her Uncle Potluck with his custodial duties.  During the summer, she follows her eccentric Uncle Potluck and keeps notes of everything she needs to know to be an associate custodian.  

The story continues as Mattie tries to find her way through this situation, and as she contemplates a friendship with the neighbor's daughter.  There is a lot of insight into Mattie's thoughts as the story progresses and she searches for a true friend. Aside from Uncle Potluck, there are no male characters.  


My favorite quote from the book is, "You can't have brave without scared."  How true.


Level R