Rules - by Cynthia Lord

Posted by DONDRA DECKER on 4/5/2019

I think this book is wonderful, and I enjoyed reading it very much. It is written in the first person point of view by Catherine, who has a younger brother with autism.  Being that April is Autism Awareness month, this was good reading and a good reminder about the lives of families who have a member/s with autism.

Catherine also deals with friendship, and what it means to be a good friend.  There is another character, Jason, who is nonverbal, and Catherine contemplates how to be a friend with him.

One of the reasons that I really enjoyed this book is because it helps people be aware of how we interact with those with disablilties, and how we are more alike than different.  It is a great lesson.

At the end of the book there are some bonus activities that are fun.  There is also an interesting interview with the author.


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