The Robe of Skulls by Vivian French

Posted by DONDRA DECKER on 4/18/2019

  The sorceress, Lady Lamorna, has her sights set on a new velvet dress, studded with skulls.   Since her treasure chest is empty of gold, she has to resort to other (evil) means to get her dress.  Her plans include kidnapping, blackmailing, and magic spells.

  The way the author structures this book is interesting.  Each chapter focuses on a character, and their current activities in this land of Five Kingdoms.  The heroine, Gracie Gillypot, like Cinderella, has a good heart, but is treated cruelly by her very nasty stepsister.  The characters come together at the end, and the problems are solved in a unique way.  I liked that the ending did not just punish evil, but had a restorataive element.  

  Although this is not a book that I thought I would enjoy, I did like it, and would read some of the other Tales from the Five Kingdoms (The Bag of Bones; The Heart of Glass; The Flight of Dragons; The Music of Zombies)


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