Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

Posted by DONDRA DECKER on 4/30/2020

Mrs. Frisby, the brave widow of Jonathan mouse, is the mother of four little mice.  Her youngest child, Timothy, is sick with pneumonia, and is very weak when this story begins.  Mrs. Frisby is willing to do whatever it takes to help her son recover, and some things take some incredible bravery!  She meets with animals who would normally be predators, including an owl.  As she meets these animals, she discoveres some unusually sleepy cat, animals who regard her husband Jonathan as a friend and a hero, and rats of some unusual abilities.  

One of the main problems that Mrs. Frisby has is that her winter home is in a cinder block in the garden, and Timothy needs to stay in the warm cinder block in order to recover.  However, it is early spring, the weather is turning warmer, and the garden will soon be plowed, destroying their home.  Normally, the mouse family moves to their summer home, but Timothy is not able to move until he gets stronger.

Mrs. Frisby gets some help from unusual places, and in the process, learns some surprising things about the Fitzgibbon's farm and the creatures that live there.

Level V  (recommended for 5th or 6th grades)